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Fleur | Apr 9, 2006 04:15 AM

What a miserable night! And it wasn't just the weather. We have been planning to go to JOLIE for a while, and we called for a reservation for RW at 8:00.

We did find a parking spot right in front, but that was the last good thing.

We were shown to our table, had menus pushed in front of us lickity- split, and had our waiter rudely refer to the four of us as "you guys" about 5 times in 3 minutes.We immediately felt rushed as he returned 30 seconds later and pushed again to get us to order quickly .

The couple at the next table looked none too happy with their dinner and were complaining about the very small portions.. We asked about the prix-fixe and he rushed us even more. Our first course came before we had a chance to enjoy our cocktails. The portions were really tiny, and two oiut of three of the scallop and polenta dish ordered were not hot.The waiter returned and said it wasn't supposed to be hot. Tell that to the one person whose dish was hot.

They cleared the plates and brought out the main dish immediately. The portions were miniscule, and again, althgough the plates were hot, the food was not. Curious as ever, I asked him if these were the regular sized portions. "oh no!" he said "This is only the special menu. After all it is only $20." He also mentioned "pork is very expensive." People at the next table sent theirs back as well. They weren't really crowded, so there is no excuse at all.

We finished and they brought out the dessert in record time. The Chocolate Mousse Cake, if you could find it on the plate, was almost invisible, about 1/3" thick and about 2"x3" in size. My husband was laughing because it they were so arrogant. I am sick and tired of constantly apologizing for the French.

This type of attitude is totally unacceptable. It defeats the whole purpose of RW which most of the participating establishments use to make a huge effort to show off their wares to a new clientele .

Shame on Jolie. Many restaurants like HENRYS END don't feel they can participate in RW, and I respect that. But if a restaurant does agrees to participate, they should do it graciously, and not treat customers who choose the $20.06 menu like 2nd class citizens. They made us feel as if they were doing us a bloody favor .

The check was presented in record time, and after spending less than one hour in what was supposed to be a pleasurable,relaxed dining experience, the meal was over, and we left. And we are slow eaters.

The food was very unimpressive. Ditto for the wine list.Compared to so many of the fine dining establishments in Brooklyn, I would say it was rather boring and mediocre. The service, with the waiter referring to us as "you guys" every other minute was unprofessional and downright rude and inappropriate.

We will not return.

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