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Ruth's Chris and sizzling steak butter


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Ruth's Chris and sizzling steak butter

Watts | Jan 17, 2006 07:20 PM

Over on the San Francisco Board, PekoePeony wrote about Ruth's Chris' habit of serving butter on steak, and their "serve it sizzling" schtick:

"I am a midwestern farm boy and I just never 'got' Ruth's Chris. Serving a steak in a pool of hot butter is interesting I guess, but if I want a steak medium rare, I would like it to stay that way and not continue to cook after it is served. Interested in opinions on this one ...."

As this really isn't about San Francisco, I figured I'd transfer it over here. For my own answer, I don't think it really *does* continue to cook -- much -- after it's served. The butter is unusual, although it's not unheard of; I know of places that prepare compound butters for steak and other meats, for instance. (And I've buttered a hamburger, which made me feel very wrong philosophically, but tasted great.)


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