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Ruth Reichl is leaving the New York Times!


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Ruth Reichl is leaving the New York Times!

Gourmet Guy | Jan 25, 1999 12:52 PM

I just heard--on good authority--that Ruth Reichl is
leaving the New York Times, apparently to go to Gourmet
Magazine, though that's not clear. Anyone else hear
about this?

I do like her food writing--very straightforward, lets
you know where she's coming from, mostly unpretentious,
strong style. I also really enjoyed her book Tender at
the Bone. I'm currently reading her
long-out-of-print-and-impossible-to-find MMMMMMM: A
Feastiary (1972), which includes a photograph of her.
It's an extremely weird cookbook, very Sixties. She was
undoubtedly stoned during half the writing. The parts
about grocery shopping and all the swirling colors in
the supermarket and. . . . well, you get the idea.

Anyway, I'm kind of shocked to hear about the Times. I
wonder if she's going to give David Rosengarten a run
for his money for restaurant reviewing at Gourmet, or
if she's going to be a staff writer, or what.

Bon appetit!?!

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