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Ruth Reichl just fed me Momofuku Ko, Spotted Pig, Jean-Georges, and Florent tried to get me tipsy!

mslex | Jun 23, 200807:38 PM    

review below

I just got back from the Garden Party, the LGBT Center's annual fundraising event on Pier 54. Ruth Reichl was the event chair and the event was titled "Taste of Pride". I went as a corporate sponsor and attended the pre VIP event where David Chang, April Bloomfield and Johnny(can't remember his last name) Pastry Chef from Jean-Georges had their booths. I tried almost every booth there since I asked for small tastings. Lisa from Top Chef was there, she was a little rude and acted like she was a celebrity(I didn't bother talking to her), she also scoffed at the other chefs and when offered tastings, she fled to the green room. I also chatted up the above mentioned guests. Ruth is a very nice lady by the way, she is just really passionate about food. One one more Florent shebang note- he sponsored the open bar so a bunch of us had one last drink in memory. I forgot my camera but a friend took pics, when he emails them I will give a link to see everything. I just want to say, it is amazing that members of the LGBT and straight ally foodies can get together to keep The Center open for another year, the funds raised tonight will allow them to continue their programming, this is the second largest LGBT Center in the US after SF.

Here is the link-

Momofuku Ko- I am saying Ko because David said this is part of their current rotation. They offered a chilled squid salad with radish, the squid was very rubbery and some guests complained it was to difficult to chew. It had nice flavor though. He was also serving chilled shrimp in a sweet puree(as he called it), it tasted like mango and something I couldn't place but it was perfect for the humidity, sweet and refreshing. I sarcastically mentioned to David how much I love the reservation system, he thought I was being sincere. He had a good sense of humor but from the looks of it, the system isn't changing soon, or he has a really good poker face.

Spotted Pig- First, April Bloomfield is so polite and sweet. We were talking about her Iron Chef win and she was just so sincere. She served pureed cream soup with bacon bits, very good. It was nice it was a small portion because it was very heavy.

Jean-Georges- sorbet/jelly with assorted berries, I expected much more from them. It had no taste and was amaturish.

I am not going to mention every place just because they were not all impressive. That was their purpose, to give a range of restaurants and cheap eats. I will mentioned what I liked-

Rickshaw Dumpling bar- one giant pork dumpling with a wasabi and vineger dip, it was so good, if the line wasn't so long I would have gone back for more. I laughed a bit when some people didn't ask what they were having and found out there was wasabi the hard way, it wasn't really spicy.

Smorgas Chef- I love Swedish meatballs, with lingonberry sauce, when I went to Smorgas it tasted like Ikea but today it was really good.

Pong- mini carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting, like Jean-Georges, less than what I expected from a pastry chef. It was ok though, light sweetness and they offered milk(I would have had it but there was open bar and wine to drink).

Supermac- I hope it will be this good in the winter when I will need mac and cheese. They offered two- elbows in white chedder, portebello mushrooms, and white truffle oil, it was very good and it all worked. The second was deep fried mac and cheese, yellow chedder, elbows, deep fried in nuggets, so good.

Treats Truck- every time I look for where they will be on their site I miss them, they were there and all mine, some people didn't get that they were a stand since they served out of the truck, once friends circled, it was all over. I had the caramel sandwich, though it was ok, then craved it again. Their Mexican brownies have cinnamon and very nice.

Wine Cellar Sorbet- this is an amazing product, they offer wine sorbet with alcohol in port, reisling, red sangria, champagne, cabernet, and rose. I tried the riesling and champagne, both very good. They sell it at Whole Foods and I bought riesling and cabernet on the way home, the perfect dessert in this sticky weather.

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