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rustic gas stove cooktops (stone/cast iron/...)???? [Moved from General Topics board]

remosito | Jan 31, 200806:08 PM

Hi all,

have been thinking a lot about my ideal kitchen lately and really like a very
rustic look and definitely want my cooktop inside a bar/kitchen island
part not against a wall.

Which obviously creates a problem as stainless steel/chrom/other
glossy metally surface doesn't give a very rustic look at all.

So I started looking around the web for stone cooktops (love soapstone)
or cast iron cooktops. Found plenty with cast iron grates but came up with
nothing that has everything including the actual burners thingies with the
holes where the gas comes out in cast iron or stone.

anybody know about any?

or other ideas to rustic up the cooktop?
(as much as I love rustic look and feel. Wood or coal oven would be taking it to far ;-) )

anyway thanks a lot in advance


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