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russian salad recipe

gus | Jul 8, 200504:34 AM

there are a lot of requests on this board for summer potato/pasta salad suggestions. i thought i'd contribute a recipe for russian salad -- you know, the beets, the mayo, the herring.

this comes by way of my best friend, who is from siberia and says this salad is a classic at every birthday party or special occasion. she grew up cooking without packaged products, drinking the milk from her grandmother's cow, eating potatoes from her mother's garden, etc. so she is one of the greatest chowhounds i know. and adventurous -- tried her first avocado yesterday and was delighted. don't let 'em tell you that you won't find any chowhounds in siberia!

excuse the approximate measurements -- we're college students -- serves 2-3

2-3 medium carrots
3 medium potatoes
2 medium beets
2 herring
salt & pepper to taste

(lg glass bowl, to see the pretty layers)

- put carrots, potatoes, and beets (unpeeled) in pot of water to boil.
- chop herring into very small pieces and layer on the bottom of a large glass bowl.
- when vegetables are quite soft, but not falling apart (12 min), remove them from heat and, when cool, peel them -- skins will slip off easily.
- chop all vegetables into very fine dice.
- top herring with a layer of diced potatoes, then a layer of diced carrots, then a layer of diced potatoes again.
- add a thick layer of good mayonnaise -- the layer should be about 1/2-3/4 inch thick
- sprinkle mayonnaise with diced beets.
- chill in refrigerator, serve, and pass salt and pepper to taste (herring is usually salty enough to suffice). serve by scooping out a large spoonful that reaches all the way to the bottom, so everyone receives a pretty combination of layers.

veggies can also be grated instead of diced for a different presentation.

this is WAY MORE delicious than i ever thought it could be. i was originally put off by the layer of mayonnaise, but don't let it stop you. you mix it all together with your fork on the plate and it is lovely.

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