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Russell's Seafood dim sum (longish report) / other new dim sum places in OC?

Wonginator | Apr 18, 200506:50 PM     2

Hi to all,

Just wanted to talk about a new Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum that hasn't seen mentioned or discussed yet.

It's called Russell's Seafood Palace. It's just off the 405 freeway at the MacArthur exit in Irvine.

The restaurant itself looks like it may have formerly been a regular seafood restaurant, as the layout is unlike a normal dining hall for a Chinese restaurant. Most Chinese restaurants usually have a big dining hall, with just rows of tables in one big room. In this restaurant, there is a bar in the center of the restaurant, and then all of the tables are placed around the bar. As a result of this layout, it's hard to see how many dim sum carts are moving around the restaurant at any one time.

I went during a weekday, so it looked like there was a somewhat limited menu, in comparison to what a weekend menu might look like. There was a picture menu on the table of all of the dim sum items available, but it only looked like about a third or half of the items were available on the carts on a Friday afternoon.

We ordered standard items like har gow and shiu mai, sticky rice buns, chicken feet, pork spareribs, some scallop dumplings. Quality was pretty good, but not great. Seeing only 3 steamcarts on a weekday moving around made me think we might see more of a selection on a weekend.

I don't think this restaurant is worth driving out of the way to visit, but if you're in the area or are looking for a new dim sum option to try, it's worth checking out.

Russell's Seafood Palace
1818 Main St.
Irvine, CA

I'm just curious if there have been any other new dim sum places that have opened up in OC recently. I've been to places like Dragon Phoenix and Seafood Paradise in Westminster, which I consider to be the best dim sum in OC, and China Garden and Sam Woo in Irvine, which are pretty good, but a slight step down from Dragon Phoenix and Seafood Paradise. I've also tried Seafood World in Fountain Valley, but was unimpressed.

There was a place called Lucky House Seafood on Bristol St. in Santa Ana, north of the 405 fwy, but it wasn't that good, and I'm not sure if it's still there anymore. I did see drive by a small Chinese cafe called Phoenix on Culver Dr., next to a L&L Hawaiian BBQ, that had pics of dim sum items on the window but haven't tried it yet.

Are there any other dim sum places in this area of OC to check out, south of Westminster and north of El Toro? Just want to make sure I'm not missing any obvious dim sum options.

Thanks in advance for any replies.


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