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cosmogrrl | Mar 12, 201210:10 PM

I've just started drinking tiki drinks in my house. I started experimenting over the Holidays and am having a darned good time. I'm just looking for some more rum recommendations.

So far I have had Angostura 5 and 7 yr, and I have Lemon Hart 151 for floating on top of the drinks. I've also had Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum (it's $21 for the large jug at my local spirits place, it does for a nice Dark n' stormy).

The kinds of Tiki drinks I make are not the fruit juice laden ones, but standards like a classic Mai Tai, Dark n' Stormy, Navy Grog and other less sweet drinks. Plus stuff i just make up. I also enjoy sipping a little rum over ice.

When I am in my store i just get overwhelmed with all the different types of rum (they have a lot of rum). I just want to try new things and not break the bank (<$30), unless it's TRULY special. But I'd probably not make a mixed drink with something like that.


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