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Rub's, Chosun Ok, Tandoor, and the Raleigh Beer Festival


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Rub's, Chosun Ok, Tandoor, and the Raleigh Beer Festival

Sant | May 3, 2006 12:41 PM

My brother was visiting this weekend so I had an opportunity to try a couple of places I've been meaning to get to for awhile.

My brother wanted some que and I remembered Nab and others extolling the virtues of Rub's so we gave it a try. Based on the kind of bbg I like, Rub's is now my favorite que joint in the Triangle. This is the kind of bbq I grew up on in North FL/South GA: heavily smoked meat for long periods of time. So smokey that just touching it leaves your hands smelling of smoke the rest of the day. Carolina que fans will probably not like it that much but to each his own, I suppose. We got a slab of ribs, a half pound of brisket, and a pint of beans. When the food arrived my brother just looked at each other and laughed. Their slab isn't baby back or even St. Louis cut (my personal preference) but the whole slab, flap and all. We ate the brisket, one rib each, and half the beans and were side splitting full. The rest of the ribs fed us and the rest of the family for dinner. yeah, I'll head over to Allen & Son on occasion but Rub's is now the que destination (sorry Que Shack).

After David A.'s positive review and the fact that I had never tried Korean food, we headed over to Chosun OK. I found the dining experience underwhelming. We ordered the the fried and steamed dumplings (prety good) as the app and grilled eel, seafood fried rice int he cast iron bowl, and beef bulgogi as entrees. The eel was just a slab of eel like what you can buy at any asian store these days on a fajita griddle on a bed of green onions with some katsup manis like sauce poured over the top. The fried rice itself was yummy but the seffod was a rubbery malange of squid, octopus (?), oysters, and small shrimp frozen way past their time. The bulgogi was listed on the menus as grilled but it came on a griddle sitting in a puddle of water, which is what happens when you put too much food in a pan to cook. So instead of having a nice sear th meat was steamed/boiled. The restaurant is strip mall bland and the hostesses were much more interested in serving their Korean clientele. My wife says she's has had much better Korean food in her hometown.

On other quick tidbit. On a whim, we dropped in to the Tandoor Indian restaurant from their Sunday brunch buffet. The food was typical of the Indian buffet expect that they had goat curry that was outstanding, especially with the hot buttered naan that they brought to the table. Also, they have a table with mango and orange juices and wine that you can help yourself to. For $9.95 that is an outstanding bargain.

The Beer Festival in Raleigh was really fun. Some many great beers to try (I tried about 50 out of 350 that were there). If you haven't been I highly recommend you get tickets to the next one they will be having in Durham this October.

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