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Roy's (downtown) - Review (moved from LA)

The Oracle | Apr 23, 200812:47 PM

I visited Roy's in downtown LA for dinner last night, for the first time...

In a nutshell - I was a bit underwhelmed by the food. It wasn't horrible - it just wasn't quite the quality of food I expected for the price point. Everything seemed over-sauced. The service was outstanding. The ambiance was nice enough (although, I sat facing the bar area and was a little distracted by the TV's in the bar area showing the basketball game)... that kind of killed the vibe for me.

Apps: We had...
--Ahi Poketini (a tuna tartare in a martini glass) - the ahi was very salty - the top pieces were a nice texture, but as you worked your way through the layers, it became progressively mushy. Overall, the flavors of the dish didn't do it for me. The caviar on top was very good!
--Spicy Tuna roll - I was surprised I didn't like this at all, as I was anticipating it to be very good. The seeweed must have been a little damp, because it was on the chewy side. The tuna itself was very good - the roll was accented with ponzu - which normally I love ponzu, but it didn't work with the flavors combined with the roll and the excess of the ponzu on the dish made the bottom of the roll soggy. It was if there were too many elements they were trying to combine in one. I ate one piece, thought this couldn't be as bad as it was... and tried another piece - only to confirm this wasn't for me.

Mains -
-I had the butterfish - a large piece of fish atop a mound of steamed rice, a few green beans and a small piece of bok choy. The outside of the fish was cooked well and melted in my mouth. There was a section of the fish (towards the middle) that seemed to not be cooked enough, as it was a little chewy and there was a section where the glaze had kind of burned together into a small charred hunk. The beans were nice, but they were swimming in sauce, as was the bok choy.
-My dining companion had the Trio Sampler (2 oz each of Ahi, Butterfish, and Salmon) - he liked the salmon the best.. I tried some and didn't think it was all that different than any other miso glazed salmon I had tried, although, it was cooked perfectly (no overdone fish in this place!)

Dessert - we had the pineapple upside down cake - it was very good - a nice candied texture to the pineapple and served warm with vanilla ice cream. It was a nice ending to the meal.

For 2 apps, 2 mains, 1 dessert and 1 bottle of wine ($48) - pre-tip, the bill was $153

Can't say I'd be overly inclined to go back, although there were other items on the menu I'd be interesting in trying (like the scallops and the lobster potstickers). They plan to open on in Pasadena soon (closer to me) and I could see myself going back and getting the 3-course prix fixe ($35) which would definitely be the way to go.

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