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Is ròusōng (肉鬆) the Chinese equivalent of machaca?

ipsedixit | Apr 11, 2008 09:25 AM

I ask because today, by pure random serendipity, I happened to make scrambled eggs (or a really ugly omelette depending on your perspective and "anal-ness" level) with a large handful of ròusōng. Just mixed it right into the scrambled eggs.

And as I was wolfing it down with some Sriracha sauce (a great combo, by the way), I was reminded of another dish I had recently ... machaca con huevos with ranchero sauce.

My ròusōng egg dish was definitely spicier -- in the sense it was sweeter (the ròusōng I think is naturally sweeter than most machaca I've had, maybe it's also a difference between pork and beef) and with the Vietnamese hot sauce, while generally salty in overall flavor, does give the entire dish a nice afterburn effect.

Nonetheless, I still like machaca con huevos. I think machaca is generally less dry than ròusōng, and for that reason is less stringent on the tongue. The taste is more subtle and doesn't really demand much attention, almost like playing a nice background role to the eggs and ranchero sauce.

Enough rambling, both dishes are very good.

Maybe I can call my Chinese egg dish ... ròusōng con trung. :-)

Tomorrow, I might go utterly crazy and mix in some machaca with my congee and garnish with a long, sustained squirt of bloody red Sriracha ...

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