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Rotisserie Retrofit--Call OneGrill!

kaleokahu | Aug 26, 202108:40 PM     9

As I posted in an earlier thread, I was recently given a low-miles Weber Summit E-420 propane grill. Woot. I confess that this is my first *real* gas-powered grill (I once had a kettle-style unit plumbed for gas with "lava rocks", and hated it). Heretofore, for many years, my grilling has been done only over charcoal.

When I got the Summit, I noticed it had housing cutouts for a rotisserie and what looked like holes to bolt on a motor bracket. I had previously retrofitted my Texas Pit for rotisserie years before, so I thought "How hard can this be?"

Well, I soon discovered it is harder than it should be. Weber doesn't list a roti kit for an E-420. In fact, they deny it was made to accept such a retrofit. This is clearly nonsense, given the cutouts. They got creative about the mounting holes, claiming they are for "clevis pins to lock the cover." This is also nonsense, because the holes aren't in the cover at all. I didn't have a lot of success with Googling for aftermarket fixes, either. I already had a motor, spits, forks and balance weight, so I considered just having a metal shop bend me a 3" mounting bracket to my specifications.

Then I stumbled on a site called OneGrill. https://www.onegrill.com/ Lo and behold, they make and offer the Summit 420 bracket I needed. $16 and a couple days later, a perfect fit, and my motor mounted up in exactly the right place.

Afterward, I noticed my spits were too short, the forks were kinda rusty, and I couldn't find the balance weight. Back to the OneGrill site, I found that they also make and sell a complete E-420 kit (including motor) for only $139 and free shipping.

It turns out that they are owned by a great guy named Joe. I called to find out if I could buy the kit and get a lower price if they just left out the bracket I just bought and motor. Joe laughed when I told him about what Weber had said, and gave me a great price on the partial kit. He also educated me on how they do their spits--most are a lot heavier than the standard 5/16" square. Even the models with 5/16 drive ends are 1/2" hexagonal or larger, with rounds machined wherever needed to turn smoothly. Joe also explained that he does the machining himself, offers many other specific grill retrofit kits that aren't listed, and enjoys working with customers to get things right. So I struck gold in finding Joe and OneGrill--no MIC, take-what-we-give-you, universal BS with them. And free shipping and a 1-year, unqualified satisfaction guarantee!

I'll post again when the rest of my stuff comes in, but I couldn't wait to brag Joe and OneGrill up to anyone who's looking to mount a rotisserie to their grill.

Thanks, Joe!

OneGrill - The Rotisserie Experts. Full selection of universal grill rotisserie kits, replacement rotisserie spit rods, rotisserie forks, rotisserie motors, rotisserie parts, and outdoor open fire rotisserie kits. Also featuring a large selection ...

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