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What are your Rosh Hashanah traditional foods?


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What are your Rosh Hashanah traditional foods?

chowgefiltefish | Sep 23, 2003 12:12 AM

Galleygirl’s brisket post gave me the kick in the tush I needed to plan my Rosh Hashanah menu. My sister-in-law is an Israeli Moroccan/Iranian so we’ve added a Sephardic flavor to our typically Ashkenazic meal. (I have to admit I was nonplussed the first time she plopped a raw fish head in the middle of my beautiful holiday table. Now I understand the symbolism but I assure her I’ll serve a whole fish so she doesn’t have to bring the head. It could be worse—a lamb’s head is also traditional!) I’ve served round challahs but have read that Rosh Hashanah challahs can also be baked in the shape of a bird or be decorated with a ladder. I serve carrots for abundance (Yiddish word for carrots is merren which also means increase). And I just learned recently (from a wonderful article by Tina Wasserman in the current "Reform Judaism" magazine) that there is a black-eyed pea dish served for the holidays with the same symbolism as New Year in the South. Apparently black-eyed peas were a staple of Ethiopian Jewish cooking and the Aramaic word for them is rubiya which sounds like the Hebrew word ‘harbay’ which means ‘many’.
Would love to hear others’ traditions.

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