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Roseburg, Sutherlin, Eugene -- reviews

Michaelspont | Jul 19, 201508:31 AM     4

Thought I would pass along these tips for anybody who heads to the Umpqua wine country but ends up spending time or nights in the nearby towns. Can't say I made an exhaustive sampling of restaurants, but some stood out for quality much more than others, and generally this area is not stellar for food (or information about food), so for what it is worth:

Willie's Lebanese (Springfield, just west of Eugene) -- This is a wonderful restaurant! Organic lamb, good wine, tasty lunches and dinners. Cannot recommend it too highly. I am a fan of Lebanese food, and this is very close to the real deal (owner is Lebanese). There are American-styled dishes on the menu but I didn't try them. Spacious, comfortable. Owner and wait staff is charming -- pus there is wi-fi in the restaurant.

Blac-N-Bleu Bistro (Roseburg, near the cinema multiplex) -- Despite the unappetizing name, this place served up very nice steelhead, and everything else that accompanies it is fresh. Also sampled some ribs, and a sausage dish. Stick with the steelhead. Comfortable space. Extensive beer list and local wines.

Alexander's Greek Cuisine (Roseburg, historic old town) -- I ended up eating here twice I liked it so much. Everything is good (and garlicky) if you like Greek food as I do. Plentiful servings, so go hungy or order light. Only minor disappointment was egg soup, but that was minor. Nice lemonade, but also Greek wines if you feel like it.

Migado Korean restaurant (Sutherlin, town center) -- Terrific surprise. Lovable bulgogi. Delicious dumpling soup. Marvelous owners. Japanese dishes on the menu too. Prices are a bargain.

Bronx Bagels (just east of I-5) -- only open for breakfast and lunch but reasonably good if oversized bagels and the fixin's. Good hummus too.

Lee's Chinese Restaurant (Roseburg, near the airport) -- I pulled up into the parking lot and almost didn't go into the place because it looked so dubious from the outside, then I once I walked in the door I almost walked out once I saw the interior decor (and no other diners!). But I am glad I sat down and ate because I got perfectly nice, fresh and piping hot Cantonese food. I let the waitress/owner order for me.

Casa des Flores (Sutherlin, just west of I-5) -- This is not memroable Mexican food but they do a huge volume of business so everything stays fresh, and they have a quite a number of not-the-same-old-same-old dishes on the menu (including a very tasty seafood soup) and they never let the tortilla chip basket get empty. Super friendly service, wacky murals on the walls, hokey mexican music. A million miles away from fine or foodie dining. It aims to be a crowd pleaser and they deliver on the goods. I think I spotted another branch in a Roseburg shopping mall.

Cowgirl Coffee -- (Sutherlin, just east of I-5) If you follow the huge spinning coffee cup for Dutch Brothers off the I-5 exit, you can find a much better espresso right next to it in a tiny wooden kiosk next to a huge cement mushroom (I know, I know.) The fundamental espresso is good, and they also offer a long list of concoctions if you're interested.

There were also a lot of also-rans and never-agains, mainly in the American food category, but also a Mexican restaurant (Mariachi Loco) and a Thai place (Bangkok West) that I wouldn't recommend. In fact, I would be fairly certain that one can find some outstanding Mexican food around the area, but we didn't get that lucky. For anyone interested in food done with care, Willie's is worth some extra miles of driving, even in the other places are not, and Alexander's is charming and tasty if you are in Roseburg.

Lee's Chinese Restaurant
Dutch Bros Coffee
Mariachi Loco
Bangkok West
Alexanders Greek Cuisine
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