Rookie question about gas oven pilots


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Rookie question about gas oven pilots

nooodles | Jun 1, 2006 12:52 PM

Okay, this is really dumb, but I've never had a gas stove before so here goes...

If the stovetop is gas powered, is the oven beneath necessarily a gas powered oven? I ask because I need to keep my sourdough starter around 80 degrees, and the book says an oven with a gas pilot light is usually about that temperature.

If, when I go to turn on my oven, it makes a clicking noise (like when you turn on a gas stove to light it), that should mean it's gas powered and has a pilot, right?

I stuck my hand in to see if it was about 80 degrees, but it's so warm in my apartment I can't tell a difference between inside and outside during the day. I know, logically that would mean I should be able to keep my sourdough starter on a counter somewhere, but sometimes at night the temperature drops.

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