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Rome on a budget...

Kharyzma2122 | Dec 31, 2007 04:04 PM

Hi. I need input and major help... A friend of ours works for the airlines and gave my husband and I two vouchers to fly anywhere in the world for practically free. Naturally, we chose Rome as I couldn't think of a more perfect architectural and cultural place. Taking advantage of this is a one time opportunity for us so I have SOO many questions. We are spending 8 days there so, please keep that in mind with the following...

Here goes!!!
1. When to go??? I was thinking the beginning of June. I looked at the temperature and it doesn't sound too bad. I'm an AZ girl so we can endure extreme temps but humidity there is around 90%? I've been around the US so can someone tell me where in the US it compares to? Is it like Baja, Mexico? Texas? San Diego? LA? Florida?

2. Can someone recommed a decent (clean bed, no creepy crawlies) hotel at a reasonable price. $75-$150/night price range? We're not picky on room size and we're definitely not looking for 5 star. Just somewhere that we can trust having our belongings and somewhere within walking distance from the major sites.

3. Most Importantly!!! FOOD!!!! We love to eat!!! Now, we're not cheap-o's but I've eaten at places that were super expensive and not 1/10th as good as my favorite mom n pop restaurants. We're not against spending money on a "upscale place" for 1 or 2 meals but we just want to keep it within reason and we want to eat food like if our mom was Italian and we were going to her house to eat. We are thinking $100 a day for 2 people and 2 meals a day??? Be honest, is that feasable or should I start asking for overtime until then???

Maybe I'm asking for too much??? Well, any help you can give would be SOOO much appreciated! Rome on a budget??? Is it do-able???

Oh any website links would be awesome too!!!

Thanks in advance!!!

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