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Romantic fine dining, Montreal (I'm asking early)

Morganna | Apr 1, 200809:00 AM

My husband and I are going to spend the week of September 29th in Montreal because we've never been there (except driving through when we moved from Alaska to Vermont). It's an anniversary tradition for us to choose a fine dining restaurant we've never eaten at before for our dinner that night. I'm feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed by all of the possibilities that I've been reading about here, so I was hoping that by posting a little early, I could get some recommendations that might be more tailored to suit our unique circumstances. We'll be staying at the Quality Inn downtown on Crescent Street (I got an astounding rate of $60 a night, thank you Priceline.com!), and we'll have our car with us, though we prefer to use public transport if that's an option (so no problem suggesting a place off the beaten path).

The primary thing is that both of us have recently (in Feb) had abdominal surgery to resolve our type 2 diabetes (it was a success, we're not diabetic any more), and one result of this is that we have small stomachs (about the size and shape of a large marker). This means we eat slowly, and that we don't eat a whole lot at once. Of course different things are going to fill us up at different rates but I won't go into a lot of detail here. :) So one of the things I was hoping for was a restaurant that would have smaller portions available, or be willing to give us smaller portions at a reduced rate (a restaurant that would be willing to work with me on our meal would be ideal but I don't have any expectations on that regard).

As to cuisine, we're less fond of Asian foods than we are Latin, European (especially Italian, my husband is Italian-American), Mediterranean (especially Greek) styles. We are not particular about authenticity so long as it's good.

My husband doesn't like fish or shellfish (not allergic, just doesn't like it), so the menu needs to have some non-fish items that are better/different from what I can make at home (having 20 fish things and 1 steak available for non-fish eaters isn't going to cut it, I make awesome steak at home, we don't need to shell out a fortune for that).

We generally try to spend less than $100 total for our meal, but because of our health situation, we can't have any alcohol, so that's not going to include any wine or other such drinks, and keeping in mind that we have small tummies and will be taking food back to our room with us, that's not as low an amount as it might seem to some of you. :)

Also, if they have a web site, preferably with a sample menu, that'd be even better. Though it seems to me that an awful lot of places up that way don't have websites like they do down here. Which is disappointing, I hate traveling 'blind' like that. :)

I've rambled long enough, I guess. If there's something I've forgotten I'm sure you'll all let me know, and thank you in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.

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