What is the best Robiola?


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What is the best Robiola?

rworange | Dec 7, 2008 07:24 PM

From the SF Chronicle ...

"Northern Italy's robiola cheese varies considerably from one producer to the next, depending on family recipe, local custom and available milk. Made throughout the Piedmont and Lombardy regions, robiola may include goat's, sheep's or cow's milk, or any combination thereof. Even the one DOP (denominazione di origine protetta, or name-protected) robiola -- Robiola di Roccaverano -- allows for cow's milk, although traditionalists use only goat's and sheep's milk."

It goes on to say the best are in Italy and aged less than 60 days.

I bought this one today - Robiola di Capra Incavolata

It is wrapped in fresh cabbage leaves and tied with twine. It is soft and gooey creamy. I'm a little put out with the cheese monger who told me it was a seasonal cheese and made from goat, cow and sheep cheese when reading the website it seems to be available all year and is only made from goat milk.

However another online site says it is all three cheeses

It seems that the two that get lots of acclaim are
- Robiola Bosina
- La Tur

Or is that the same cheese? Are there also aged versions?

What wines go well with robiola? For this one the cheesemonger suggested pinot gris.

What pairs well with it? Is it just eaten straight or used in recipes ... or does it depend on the robiola if it is used in recipes.

This seems like a good link that addresses some of of the above.

How do you use this cheese and which do you like best?

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