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Roasting a Pumpkin for pie (and a few other questions)

MilkAndCookies | Nov 20, 2011 08:09 AM


So I have some small pumpkins that I think are pie pumpkins, or at least I hope they are, since I intend to make pies out of them anyways. I'm not really sure the best way to roast them, though, so that they can be made into pie, as I understand that that is the first step.

I have seen several different instructions for how to do so, some list long periods of time for the roasting, which I do not have (it is a shared oven, so using it for several hours would not go over well, even if I did choose to do so over night, as I would need to check in on it every half hour or so to make sure no one turned the oven off on me), some do not list a time for the temperature, so I don't really know what a good temp. and time is for not needing many hours.

What temperature and roast time do you all use? A couple hours or less would be good ... although if it's going to take like three or something, I could probably find something to do while essentially baby sitting it. Does the pan make a difference? I have some Pyrex® pans that I can use ... would I want to put aluminum foil in them before using them (besides making clean up easier)?

After I have roasted the pumpkin, it's probably going to hang out in my fridge for a bit before actually turning into filling, but when I do turn it into filling, am I going to need sweetened condensed milk or cream or can I somehow make do with whole milk and sugar (for the sweetness of the condensed milk? I can see if the local market has any, but I have my doubts, and I'd really rather not catch the bus to grocery store, as I have a lot to do.

Oh, and one more thing (and please do not criticize me for this one), I'm on a bit of a budget, and without much in the way of spices (I really only have some herbs), so I got the pumpkin pie spice ... yes, yes, I know, collective gasp, the stuff that comes prepackaged and predetermined, but sometimes we have to take what we can get. How much would be a good amount to use? Most of the recipes I see call for various spices individually, so I'm not really sure. I do not want the spices to be over-powering, just a background note to the pumpkin itself. Any advice on an amount would be helpful ...

So to summarize what I'm asking:
1. How do I best roast the pumpkin with time constraints?
2. Do I want to wrap my Pyrex® pans with tin foil when I do so?
3. Is there a way to get by with whole milk and sugar?
4. How much spice is enough?

Basically, I'm looking for a recipe on how to make the pie from the pumpkins with several constraints ...

(Don't worry, I am going to make my own crust ...) But ummmm ... am I going to have an issue with my disposable pie tins? I don't really have any real ones here ... They'll work okay, right? Or should I be coming up with something else creative?

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