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Roast Pig jook

yimster | Jan 30, 200512:18 AM

Recently there has been a discussion about jook on this board and since I have just cooked jook without recipe I desided to start writing them down. Last week during the cold rain and even colder weather I cook a old family comfort jook. This is the easiest jook you can make. Only three ingredients and not possible for nayone to mess up.

First you need to stop by your favorite Cantonese BBQ shop. Ask for the head and at least one set of trotter (feet) of a roast pig. This will be cheap between four to six dollars for the bundle. The better the customer the cheap it will be.

Have the shop chop it up for you.

Then you wash two cops of rice until the water runs clear. The coat the rice grains with 2 tablespoons of oil. Add to a 12 qt stock pot. Add in about the Roast Pig pieces and about 8 qt of water and about 3” peeled ginger. Then after getting the water to boil reduce to a simmer. Cover with a little crack so that the jook will boil over.

I would than go to your computer and read Chowhound for a couple of hours and when the house fills with the wonderful smell of jook. You can then just add a little soy ( only if you want, I normally do not add any soy), finely chopped green onions to your bowl and your lunch is ready.

If this winter last long enough I will be making a lot of jook and I may post the rest of the jook recipes as I make them. Our sons have request that I start wrting down recipes so they will have them for later use. I plan to share some on this board.

I love jooks and cold weather soups for the warming effect and I always have some to share with friends.

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