Not About Food 26

Why let a roach spoil a perfectly good meal?

PlasticMoonRain | Sep 22, 200909:05 PM

Tonight, I didn't have the heart to tell my wife about the small roach that was crawling on the wall several inches away from her jacket-covered shoulder.

We were at an excellent Thai restaurant for the second time (which shall remain unnamed), really enjoying the food. About 3/4 through the meal, I noticed the little bugger on the wall paneling.

We kept talking, I kept noticing it moving around, wondering if my wife was going to catch on... but she didn't.

Do I tell her about it and freak her out, knowing that she'd never want to return? The last time we saw a roach in a Westchester restaurant -- and it was definitely much bigger than this one -- my wife refused to go back for years.

Or do I say nothing to her and enjoy the final 10 minutes of the meal, knowing that we could return sometime in the near future and enjoy another great meal there.

The waitress came by a couple of times and there' was no way she missed our crawling friend, but she said nothing. She was probably hoping we wouldn't notice too.

I decided I liked this restaurant too much to say anything, so with great willpower, we left without a ripple.

What would you have done in my shoes?

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