General Discussion 61

Would you risk it?

BabsW | Nov 21, 201303:59 PM

So imagine you went out to eat for lunch and ate, and all was well and tasty. Then you went home and started to prep the pork butt for the pulled pork you want to make the next day. You made the rub, coated the meat, covered it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge. As you did this, you washed your hands diligently and thoroughly as needed.

Later that night, you woke with horrific cramps which moved on to full-on symptoms of food poisoning which lingered throughout the next day. Not able to make the pulled pork that day, you wrap it securely and put it in the freezer.

Later on you find out that one of the cooks at that restaurant had the swine flu, which sometimes adds a lovely component of "GI symptoms" to the usual respiratory complaints, and later that month, you are thoroughly knocked out for a solid week in bed with the flu so you're never certain if you had garden variety food poisoning or a turbo-charged swine flu.

Regardless, the seasoned pork butt is still in the freezer: Do you attempt to thaw it make make pulled pork or do you toss it out, with the assumption that it is contaminated, even though when you touched it, it was before you had symptom one of anything and washed your hands frequently as you always do.

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