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Rioja Tasting 101

Pei | Sep 11, 2009 11:36 PM

I'm a bridesmaid for a wedding. The couple's married name will be...you guessed it! Riojas. So as part of our wedding research, I decided organizing a Riojas tasting was #1 of my list of duties.

Unfortunately, it is a wine varietal about which I know nothing. So here's my plan:

-gather Chowhound favorites
-visit two or three of my favorite San Francisco wine shops this weekend
-compile a list to give their hotel. They say they'll be able to buy any wine we name, but I want to let the bride and groom take a look at which price points are feasible before buying sample bottles
-throw a party with about half a dozen bottles and invite everyone to a blind tasting

Any and all advice about how to proceed is greatly appreciated!

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