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To rinse or not to rinse?


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To rinse or not to rinse?

Linda W. | Jun 18, 2003 08:36 PM

That is the question I pose to the Hounds - do you rinse your rice before cooking, or not? And *why* do you rinse/not rinse?

I had never done so (I grew up eating Uncle Ben's converted rice). When I began trying jasmine & basmati rices or other rices, they all seemed to call for rinsing, which I've done. But I *have* found that rinsing seems to make the rice a bit stickier, instead of what it's supposed to do (according to what I've read) - make it fluffier and the grains separate.

Have read many thoughts on the subject upon a quick Googling of "rinsing rice", and the reason for rinsing that makes the most sense (to me) I found on

"To Rinse or Not to Rinse - Rinsing rice is now more of a ritual than a necessity. It's a holdover from days when rice was commonly coated with talc, which was used as a preservative and to enhance whiteness. In fact, it's now believed that it does more harm than help, leaching away valuable nutrients. If you buy from bulk bins, you may want to give it a quick rinse merely to dislodge any dust, but it is widely accepted now that packaged rice is clean enough to go right into the pan."

So...what do you do?

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