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Tord | Feb 17, 2000 06:15 AM

WM said -----
"And doing the Indonesian "rijstaffel" is really fun. It's like a big sampler table of the different dishes like ayam goreng, sate and gado gado. A bit costly, but definitely worth a try."

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When you come to Boston this will be a bit of a problem for you. There is only one place I know of up here that offers a rijstaffel - the Andover Inn in Andover just north of Boston. They only offer it on Sundays and you have to reserve. For a while there was a small Indonesian restaurant in Somerville which advertised a rijstaffel - but they didn't last. Several Malaysian restaurants have done well, however, and are worth a try. You can get Ayam Goreng, Sate and Gado Gado in these places. I tend to make these dishes at home.

We discussed rijstaffels a bit on the International Board - focusing on Amsterdam. The rijstaffel apparently was a Dutch invention - a combination of many dishes native to Indonesia during Dutch colonial rule.

If you have several Indonesian restaurants in Houston offering a rijstaffel that is better than Boston has. Is there a Burmese restaurant down there? We used to have one near Northeastern University in Boston and one down in the Combat Zone near Chinatown, Both have been closed for a few years. What about Sri Lankan food? A full on Lebanese Meza?

Boston has a decent population of Russians with several Russian restaurants and deli's over in Allston/Brighton. Are there Russian places in Houston? Do you have a Swedish restaurant? I know that Houston can have excellent shrimp - Boston has a problem with that.

Boston lacks a decent Roadkill Restaurant - you have to go to Maine for that. If you manage to hit a moose up there, that is a jackpot kill and you have to eat the whole thing before they let you leave the state.

To get into Boston culture you should rent "The Friends of Eddie Coyle" --- a Robert Mitchum film. It's about my neighborhood and a lot more realistic than the new Boston movie - "Boondocks Saints".


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