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Has anyone else gotten rid of their ice cream maker?

cleobeach | Aug 22, 201107:59 AM

Two years ago, I purchased an ice maker from WS, I believe it is a Cuisinart. It is the type that has bowl you keep in the freezer.

For two summers, I have made multiple batches of ice cream. I have no issue with how the machine performs. I like the final product but don't know if it is worth the effort.

My issue is with the time and effort required to produce a batch of ice cream.

If I want to have ice cream for Saturday, I need to start on Friday night. The time it takes to shop for ingredients (I don't keep cream, chocoalte, vanilla beans and such on hand), start the base, cool the base, run the machine, put the ice cream into the freezer (I like my ice cream frozen, not like soft serve) etc makes me think just grabbing a tub is easier.

Maybe I am lazy or maybe I just don't love ice cream enough. I also resent the amount of space the bowl takes up in the freezer. I am thinking of offering it to my aunt.

Anyone else have little love for their ice cream maker?

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