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Rick Nelson Star Tribune reviews

SarahInMinneapolis | Apr 17, 2011 11:40 AM

[This post was split from this thread on the Minneapolis-St. Paul board:] Some thoughts on what others have posted.

No, I never made it to Heartland before the move.

The Star Tribune's four star review. I wondered about that, too. My guess is that, at this point, Rick Nelson is severely handicapped in honestly reviewing restaurants. That's no slam on Rick, but it is what it is. Nelson knows all the chef players and probably knows many of them (and/or their families and friends) have bet the bank on new restaurants. He also knows that a bad review from him -- because he is the only major food voice at the state's newspaper of record -- is likely the kiss of death.

[That's a problem the Star Tribune needs to fix.]

Earlier, I raised the issue of the beautiful and likely very expensive renovation of the space. Somebody poured a ton of money into the place. And, my guess is that Nelson's review was tainted by wanting the restaurant to succeed.

But given the other bad reviews posted after mine, that four star rating stands out like a sore thumb. And to call Heartland a "game-changer?" []

No way.

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