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Richmond - Pit Boss Carolina cue redux


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Richmond - Pit Boss Carolina cue redux

rworange | Nov 7, 2007 07:29 PM

There was tri-tip on the menu tonight but I wanted to try the turkey and chicken.

I'll never recommend poultry at any BBQ because I believe it is pretty much a matter of luck. Most of the time the chicken is dry and in some cases even leather-like. I've only had two good chickens at a BBQ joint, once at Flints and another time at KC's ... but I believe in
both cases I was just there at exactly the right time.

I was at Pit Boss at exactly the right time.

Chicken and turkey had crispy skins, blackened in spots and the meat was juicy and falling off the bone. The BBQ sauce which I asked for on the side, was a good complement.

The potato salad is better than most BBQ's, though that doesn't say a lot. It is creamy and a little on the bland side which can work as a foil to smoky meat. Mac and cheese was a special and was good, sort of like the version at Louisiana chicken, a buttery/cheesy rather than a creamy version.

The sweet potato pie was interesting. Not sweet with a deep brown color, about 1/3 of an inch filling on a graham cracker crust.

The standouts here remain the mind-blowing good pork ribs, brisket, greens and baked beans.

Corn bread was better than last time. It was a slice rather than a muffin and moister.

I met one of the owners tonight, a really nice guy who comes from South Carolina. This is his first restaurant though he did catering and was in a few BBQ competitions. I get the feeling though he's been in the Bay Area for a while because he pretty much knew the local BBQ scene.

He put his own BBQ equipment in. Turns out that Bobby who had the Backyard BBQ at that location at one time, took his equipment with him when he relocated to Pinole. Adair said he is still working things out and to look for better and better cue as the place settles in.

I don't know ... IMO, right out the 'back' door he had the best BBQ I've had in the Bay Area.

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