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Richmond – Pacific East Mall - Tw Bestway Foods – Saving the best for last … Taiwanese preserved fruit, pork jerky, hot jelly drinks

rworange | May 10, 200712:43 AM     9

This ends the tale of my two hour tour of the Pacific East Mall. Tw Bestway Foods was the shop that impressed me the most. I’ve never seen anything like this before.

There were lots of bins and jars of unusual and great looking preserved fruits.

They had way over a dozen types of preserved plums. Just a few: Licorice shu plum, woo long tea plum, sakura plums, mint plum, cherry plum.

Some of the bins had notes. Wine Plums were recommendation #1. Dry tomato were good and juice plum .. top one.

Some other interesting fruits: Star fruit with plum flavor, honey sweet potatoes, licorice lemons with mint, plum guava, pretty chili colored honey mango, green sweet and sour mango, rose arbutus, mulberries, hawthorne,

They had the fruit called “olives’ but I think that might because of the shape. There wer special licorice olives, spicy red olives, dry olive.

There were beautiful bagged flower teas like marigold mint. Some were called fruit cocktail teas in flavors of melon, apple and mixed fruit.

A shelf seemed a homage to England with dried lavender, country garden tea and English garden tea. They looked like the pretty dried flowers from a garden. There were little sample jars to smell the dozen or so teas.

They serve milk teas some of which were made of the beautiful flower teas. They had hot jelly drinks like hot grass jelly. Some of the drinks combined tea and jelly like jasmine green tea and jelly. A little cooler held jewel-like liquids in clear plastic glasses.

There were other interesting items like pretty brown dried brown pomelos, hot tamarind rocks, roast black beans, fish cubes, various jerky like pork, garlic favas, and hot cuttlefish.

There were a few tea pots and some Chinese doll-like figurines … but they seemed like samurai.

The thing is that all this looked stellar fresh. Bulk fruits were mainly $3 for 1/4 pound with some a little more.

Has anyone been here or have experience with Taiwanese preserved fruit. Any suggestions on what to try?

And if you have been to this shop … as you enter the shop, there’s a pre-recorded voice saying something in Chinese. What does it say?

Also, the people in the shop didn't speak much English. Does anyone know if you must buy 1/4 pound minimum of each type of fruit? Can you mix fruit in one bag if the price is the same?

Tw Bestway Foods

3288 Pierce St C-125
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 524-8891

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