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Richmond BC - Labor Day Weekend Chinese (long)


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Richmond BC - Labor Day Weekend Chinese (long)

Iona | Sep 14, 2005 08:51 PM

We spent the weekend in Richmond trying Asian restaurants that we hadn't been to in prior visits. Saturday night we went to Kamikaze Japanses Bistro and Sunday night to Korean BBQ House. We don't recommend either.

Sunday morning we went to Top Gun J & C Restaurant (Unit 2020 Excel Center, 8766 Mckim Way - off Garden City Road - hard to find) for dim sum. They serve from 9-3 everyday, with 30% off from 9-11. They do serve sushi, but not until 11. We had har gau, siu mai, diced seafood salad rolls, chicken wings stuffed with sticky rice (on specail menu), baked BBQ pork buns with "pineapple" topping (often on custard buns - a crumbly crust on top of the regular bun), and egg custard tarts. Our two top picks was the BBQ Pork buns (almost got a second order!) and the custard tarts which we had to wait for but came hot from the oven. Very flaky crust, custard just barely set.

Monday morning we went to Aberdeen Center (4151 Hazelbridge Way)(they don't open until 11!) looking for Four Seasons Hot Pot, but didn't spot it on the mall directory. So we checked out a couple of places on the second floor and decided we like the looks of the menu at Northern Delicacy. We had steamed pork buns (soup dumplings), potstickers, scallion pancakes, shredded chicken with glass noodles, sliced pork with sweet soy sauce, and lotus custard puffs. Steamed pork bun came 5 to a basket for $4.50, skin was fairly thin, all had soup in them and were very tasty. You can watch them being made as they have a prep area behind glass where the chefs are making various items including scallion pancades and the soup dumplings. Fun to watch! The shredded chicken had a very spicy peanut sauce on it and the sliced pork was also very spicy. Everything tasted great and we want to return to try more of their extensive menu.

When we came out of Northern Delicacy, we spotted Four Seasons Hot Pot on the third floor. I got a menu from them. It is not the normal Hong Kong style dim sum, nor is it northern Chinese like Northern Delicacy. Items tend to be more expensive ( 5.50-13.80). Need to try it with more than two people. The menu does not have the items on it that we had at Oriental Delight, so if it is the same dim sum chef, he is doing totaling different style.

Monday night we were at Shanghai River Restaurant (#110, 7831 Westminster Hwy) at 5P when they opened. This place is really busy, and fills up fast. They do have free parking, driveway on east end of building. We had to try their steamed pork buns (8 for $6). Again the buns are made in sight of the customers, but they do it in an assembly line process. And just about every table had at least one order. These were slightly smaller then the ones at Northern Delicacy, the skin was thinner, and the flavor was far superior especially the soup. This was only the third time I've had these buns, but after having the ones at Shanghai River, I know why people are searching for them. We had two other dishes: crispy rice with mixed meats (we wouldn't order again) and Pock Hock with brown sauce. This came on a bed of green leaves (very tasty), the sauce was thick and shiny, the pork hock was boneless cooked until the skin could be cut with chopsticks (or in my case, a fork), rich and we should have had more that the two of us. But we ate almost all of it, left some skin and fat, but was it ever good! I hope when I have a group up their the next time I can talk them into it.

The last morning we went to Gingeri (#323 Lansdowne Centre - inside main entrance on the east side) for dim sum. Nice average dim sum for Richmond but there are too many better or more interesting places for us to return here. One outstanding item was the rice roll with shrimp, very soft so I think they must be making their own rice noodle, with lots of shrimp.

One non-Asian mention: Amato Gelato on west side of No 3 Rd just a block north of Westminster Hwy. They have over 70 flavors, open until 12 midnight. It was very creamy and smooth, loved the flavors, and will be back. I have not eaten much gelato so I really have nothing to compare it too, but we thought it was really good.


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