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Rice crisis?

lemoncoke | Apr 14, 2008 11:24 AM

I was reading about the rice crisis in China, Phillipines, and other asian countries.

Then I go to my Asian grocery store and all the rice are sold out! All the 50 lbs bags are gone and the price went all the way up to $50 a bag! Almost double the price from when we bought it in the beginning of the year. We are in Northern CA.

A lot of the people that I know are starting to hoard the rice. They are going out of the city and buying 20 to 30 bags of rice, because they are afraid of the price of rice going out, and worst, not enough rice to go around.

Rice is a very important part of the meal for Asians. When we hear that there is no rice available, we will start to worry or panic.

Is this happening anywhere else?

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