Rice Cooker: Zojirushi or Cuckoo, or something else?

Neo1 | Feb 9, 201707:26 PM     43

Recently I started researching upgrading my rice cooker. Currently I have a fairly basic, little Aroma Stainless thingy. It works, but it’s slow and steamy.

I’ve been researching Zojirushi and Cuckoo. It seems like there are innumerable models with indecipherable model numbers that really don’t seem to make too much intuitive sense. Trying to find information on the differences and nuances of the models is near impossible. I did search and review some of the threads on Chowhound - but they seem to be fairly old and did not provide much information - or at least, I didn’t find one that answered my questions.

I am not interested in spending $400-$500, so I am comparing some of the more basic Zoji’s and Cuckoos. I’m leaning towards a 3 cup (uncooked) size. Speed is important - which seems to point towards Cuckoo. But many of the Cuckoos have a very serious flaw - they’re stupendously UGLY - like 1983 Pink and Ivory ugly.

In Zojirushi, I was considering these two:



And Cuckoo:



The pros on the Zoji are that (1) fit and finish should be excellent, (2) I prefer the look of the machine, (3) it’s cheaper for non-pressure models.

Cuckoo pros: (1) Pressure means it’s probably faster, (2) It seems to get better reviews than Zoji, and (3) these models are the least fugly of the ones I could imagine on my counter.


Is the pressure cooking ability of the Cuckoo a huge benefit? Will it cook substantially faster? I suspect so - but trying to find out this information is difficult.

Is there any benefit to go from the MICOM or hotplate method to the Induction Heating models? Are they faster, still? Or better?

Of course any advice or experience would be welcome - especially if it points out things I haven’t thought about.

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