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Rib Roasts: "Semi-Boneless" versus Standing?


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Rib Roasts: "Semi-Boneless" versus Standing?

Pepster | Dec 21, 2011 06:40 PM

My local grocer is advertizing "Semi-boneless" rib roasts for the holidays.

As far as I know, this cut of meat does not actually exist. Rib roasts, in my experience, have either com as "Bone-in" or "Standing rib roasts", or "Boneless".

My best guess is that some marketing schmuck decided to either:

Put a "semi" in front of a boneless roast where it didn't belong.

Or to use the term "Semi-boneless" to imply that the ribs were still attached, but all other bones were removed, as they always are, because nobody sells a rib roast with other bones still attached.

Anyone have experience with this retail term? Which is it really, bone-in or boneless?

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