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How Would YOU Revive Chowhound?

ElsieDee | Jan 11, 201511:58 AM

Looking at the many comments on the "Is Chowhound dead?" thread - - leads (in my mind) to the obvious question:

If you had the power to make changes (significant or small) that would revive the site / boards / discussions / community (go with whatever concept you like), what would you change? What do you see as not working and (this is important!) how would you fix it?

I'm curious about solutions, not just grumbling.

For example, in one of the other current threads on Site Talk (I think it's the one on First Time Posters), someone suggested CH creating a "Welcome to the Community" video, basically guiding the newcomer to the site, explaining what it's about, how everything works, and so forth. I like this because it's practical, doable, and actually is a step toward fixing an issue.

For me, I'm frustrated by the Balkanization of some of the boards. The Florida / Miami split is one that's often cited, as well as Reno being in the Southwest board. Maybe remerging them, or having pinned sticky note at the top of each, pointing people to the other board as being closely related.

Long term, I'd love to see the return of a restaurant / food-related database. I think that was a great loss, when it was removed, and am frustrated having to go to Yelp to figure out what restaurants are in a specific area (also for addresses, phone numbers, hours, etc.), and then having to come to CH looking for reviews / comments I trust.

I'm also really frustrated with the new recipe format on Chow, from the ginormous photo to the ingredients column and directions column scrolling at different speeds. I miss the older design, which worked on my mobile devices and my laptop. (Er, yes, I have complained about this before. It's because, for me, the change means so much less functionality that I can't recall the last time I looked at a Chow recipe, whereas it used to be one of my primary cooking and inspiration resources.)

Just some thoughts (and they're likely half-baked ones at that.) Curious to hear yours.

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