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Review of Robert's steakhouse


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Review of Robert's steakhouse

EatClerk | Mar 22, 2004 11:29 AM

On Saturday I ate at Robert's steakhouse, which located within the Penthouse Executive Club. The PEC is a "gentleman's" club, fyi.

For my appetizer, I had the Caesar salad. It was merely passable. The dressing did not have much flavor. However, the portion was humongous. No anchovies. I also tried the crab cakes. While crab cakes are not generally my favorite dish, these were solid. Very little breading, which was a plus in my opinion. Also had a bit of the tuna tartar with quail egg. Again a massive portion. It had an Asian-type flavoring, perhaps sesame oil. I thought it was wonderful, but the person who ordered it was underwhelmed. While I did not taste the shrimp cocktail, I should note that the shrimp were colossal, even by steakhouse standards.

For my entree, I split the porterhouse for two. It came out as a perfect rare, exactly as we had ordered. Another steak was a perfect medium rare. It was served sliced. The steak was excellent. I would rate it in the high second tier of NYC steaks, after Sparks, MarkJoseph, and good nights at the Palm. (I am not a fan of Luger's, which may delegitimize this review in the eyes of some.) A major problem was that the rare porterhouse came out lukewarm. (The medium rare porterhouse came out at a perfect temperature, which led me to believe that the chef had started cooking both steaks at the same time, pulled the rare one early, and then let it sit. If so, a real amateur mistake.) The steak was also a little too salty for my taste. Still, it was a fine piece of meat and cooked to a perfect rare.

The restaurant sits above the stage level. Contrary to what I had been led to believe, very few of the seats offer views, however. I was never solicited for a dance at the table, although a shot girl did come by. The lack of solicitaion was actually a disappointment.

I should also mention the cost. The porterhouse for two was nearly $100. (The prices on menupages are incorrect.) Wine was, for the most part, prohibitively expensive. Mixed drinks were $14, and imported beer $10. As a result, it would be very hard to eat for less than $100 in the end, as most diners will be drinking profusely.

Overall, this is a very solid steakhouse. I went as a goof, and I had fun. I recommend Robert's, as long as you know what you are getting into.

Note: I do not recommend the Penthouse Executive Club itself. The meal was BY FAR the highlight of the evening.

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