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REVIEW: Lenny's Burger Shop


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REVIEW: Lenny's Burger Shop

rramirez | Feb 19, 2006 10:31 PM

This is my first real review, so be kind. If you're looking for pictures and all of the fancy "Seth" features, I'm not there yet. Give me some time :)

We went out with my brother and some friends Christmas night. Family time was over and Kidlet was with grandma and grandpa for the night. So we stepped out for a smokey pint at the George and Dragon. While we were there one of my brother's pals mentions that there's a new Lenny's Burger Shop on Central and Thomas. It piqued my interest. See, I grew up in NW Phoenix, just down the road from the original Lenny's at 35th Ave/Thunderbird. It was never anything more than a dumpy little order window with some tables out front, but they always had good burgers and great fries. It's been a while since I've set out to have a real burger and fries, but when the question of, "Let's grab a bite...where should we go?" came up this weekend, I thought this would be a chance to try this new branch of an old favorite.

I've actually passed by it a few times over the last two months. Since I don't work in the area, I'm only around on the weekends and it always looks closed. But on this lucky day we showed up at about 1pm on Saturday and caught them while they were open.

Walking in it's definitely a 1050% improvement over the original. It's setup like a diner. You've got the grill/cooking station along one wall, with a dining counter in front and small tables lined along the opposite wall. It's typical diner decor - red/white vinyl, stainless everywhere, and some kitschy art on the wall. You walk up to the register, make your choice from the menu on the wall, pay your tab and grab your soda cups, and wait for your order to be called. When we arrived there were a couple of people at the small tables outside and a few people inside.

The first thing we took note of were the prices. I went with the #1, which is a single burger with your choice of the usual toppings - lettuce, tom, onions blah blah blah. It's 3.29 by itself or for 4.29 you can have it with fries and a large soda. The choice is obvious ;)
Husband got the #2, which is a double burger. We both opted for cheese, which is extra. (When I get better at these reviews, extras like the cost of cheese will make their way into my memory). The #2 by itself is 4.29 or 5.29 as a combo.
Kidlet was along for the ride, so knowing that she just picks at our plates I just bought her a cup of chocolate soft serve for 1.39.

We waited for no more than 10 mintues before our order was up. I have to comment on the friest, because this is what Lenny's was always known for in my 'hood. They are exactly the same. Hot to the touch, crispy, and sprinkled with a zippy little paprika inspired seasoning. They aren't McDonald's style fries - more like steak fries, but not as thickly cut. YUM. And the burgers were great. They were hot, prepared just as asked, and mine had the right amount of mustard to satisfy my mustard-fiend tendencies. They also offer a little bottle of hot sauce on the tables, which is a Godsend for those of us who mix our ketchup with hot sauce for fry dipping.

And the ice cream. For 1.39 I was expecting a little kiddie cup's worth of the good stuff. We got a 16oz cup of ice cream! Clearly too much for Kidlet, but who's going to complain??

All in all, we were very happy with the lunch choice. Husband's original hunch was to head to Honey Bear's, which is just across the street, but we were happy we went with Lenny's. We got two burger combos and a big cup of ice cream for $13 and change. As we were leaving I noticed a small HOURS OF OPERATION sign on the window but forgot to notice the times(again, the details will come in due time).

A couple of things...
-They have a very small breakfast menu. Eggs, bacon, hashbrowns. But they do have an english muffin, egg, sausage sandwich(read: McMuffin) for 1.79. Can't beat that.
-They have a full line of shake flavors as well.
-They have horchata on tap at their self-serve beverage center!!! Horchata lovers rejoice!

As we were eating and then leaving, more people showed up, which made us happy. It's a tiny spot in a strip center with hardly any signage, but people are finding it. I know the place probably rocks during weekday lunches.

If you're ever in central Phoenix and looking for a good burger and fries, give it a try.


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