Review of my new Falk Saucier Pan


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Review of my new Falk Saucier Pan

Bubblenuet | Jul 21, 2014 09:35 AM

I was seduced by Falk Culinair’s Try Me half-price offer last week!

But before placing my order I received some helpful advice on here. In particular, from Kaleo, who suggested I call Falk and ask if they would consider switching the larger 20cm saucier for the 18cm one in the promotion. The gentleman I spoke to there could not have been more helpful and was totally reasonable about this. I am so pleased with both my purchase and the considerate response I received from the company. I am writing this post to share my experience with other Chowhound readers.

Although only 2cm larger, the 20cm version can hold almost 50% more in volume making it just the right size for our family of four. The iron handle feels comfortable in my hands and does not get hot when being used. I especially like the brushed copper finish, which they say avoids the need for frequent polishing. The saucier was accompanied by instructions for maintenance, and a free bottle of cleaner, which I thought was a really a nice touch.

I’ve taken a picture of the saucier to show how pretty it looks in our kitchen. As you can see, it’s really solid and heavy and looks like it will actually last a lifetime. I realise that appearance of anything is always a bit subjective, but have to say I think my saucier is super attractive and it currently occupies pride of place in my kitchen on the hob ready for action.

I also used the pan three times over the weekend to give it a good test drive so to speak.

The first time was scrambled eggs for breakfast on Saturday. The heat control that people rave about with copper was definitely noticeable and getting the consistency of the eggs just right was a easier than I expected. Best of all, the saucier was easy to clean afterwards as well!

Next I just used it as a regular saucepan to boil some vegetables, and found that it heated up quicker than usual.

For the last test I “went for gold”, and decided to try and make some hollandaise sauce like the lady in the video! This is not something I would normally make and had to find the recipe first. Whisking the eggs straight in the pan was easy enough, and the curved profile made it just as easy as they promised. At first, when I added the melted butter, nothing seemed to happen. I have to admit that I was possibly over cautious and had the heat quite low. But then, voila, the mix started to thicken and the “trails” appeared and I had created perfect hollandaise! My husband was quite impressed with this, and I was just as surprised by my success!

Finally, I want to mention the service I received from the company, which was stellar from start to finish. I was delighted to get a deal on the price, which they didn’t have to do. I received an email confirming the order and another when it was despatched later in the day, just as you would expect when buying online. But then the following day I received another email giving me a time for delivery within a few minutes and like clockwork the delivery company then arrived on time. My overall appraisal of the customer service is that they have done a very good job combining modern technology and old-fashioned personal customer service. Something you don’t find very often these days.

In conclusion, I am pleased to report that my new Falk saucier has way exceeded my expectations and so did their service!

Mrs B.

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