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EarlyBird | Nov 7, 2012 01:37 PM


Just back from a trip to Boston, having been armed with some good tips from Chowhound and stuff that can't be missed. Just thought I'd share:

The Neptune Oyster -

Lobster roll with butter was superb. LOADED with super tender lobster, and the perfect amount of seasoning, slightly peppery. The roll it's on is a perfect white roll, sturdy enough not to disintegrate, while not too bready or chewy. Boy that was good. The fries they serve are also magnificent, I think skin-on and very crisp and perfectly seasoned. I recall the meal coming in around $20 give or take, and it was very well worth it.

Their Caesar was quite good, but perhaps I was a victim of "beware what you wish for." I love anchovies on Caesar and it's hard to fine a "real" Caesar. This was LOADED with not anchovies, but white sardines..almost too much for my taste, and laid over a heart of lettuce, with nice, home made croutons and plenty of freshed grated Parmesan. Excellent, though.

I also want to give kudos for very good service. Friendly, efficient, warm, but not overly familiar.

Ned Devine's -

Listen folks, don't knock it because it's a tourist trap. Their clam chowder was absolutely fantastic. Loaded with clams and potatoes, an excellent stock with the right amount of cream. Not too heavy or too runny. This was the best clam chowder I've ever had. (Tried a Sam Adams beer that the bartender says is only available on the Freedom Trail. Pretty good amber style beer.)

Mike's Pastry -

It was mostly Italian style, obviously being in North End, and I can't say I swooned for the piece of ricotta pie I had. Very dense and sweet, overly so, but not to say that it wasn't good for what it was. I tend to have a very unsophisticated palate when it comes to sweets and this was just a bit much for me.

Sam LaGrassa's -

Picked up a Triple Club on my way to the airport and ate it while waiting for my flight. Oh. My. God. That is a great sandwich. HUGE sandwich made of roasted turkey, ham, roast beef and Swiss cheese. Plenty of lettuce and tomatoes and I think a 1,000 Island type dressing, all on an excellent, lightly toasted rye. Phenomenal. By the time I got to the airport it had settled a bit into the bread and everything mingled. Man!

Galleria Umberto Pizzeria -

Had the square cheese Sicilian (I think the only kind they sell). It was quite good for the type of pizza. I can't say I was knocked out by it. Just a place where you walk up and purchase your food and sit down and eat it. The price is amazing, like less than $2 a slice. I also tried the arancini (stuffed rice balls) and that really was good. Creamy on the inside, crunchy on the outside, perfect amount of stuffing.

Regina's Pizzeria (in Faneuil Hall Marketplace) -

Really, really good pepperoni pizza. Thin, gnarly crust and plenty of toppings. One of the better thin crust pizzas I've had. I understand after the fact that I was not at the original version, and I'm not sure if they differ considerably, but I was impressed. Well priced for a tourist trap, too.

Thanks all. I know there is a lot of other great stuff in Boston if I had more time and transportation, but I'm happy I went to these places.

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