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Reverse Sear for More than Steak?

hotsawce | Jun 24, 201702:36 PM

I've read a lot of blogs and posts singing the praises of the reverse sear for steaks and roasts. I was wondering if anyone has used it successfully for other items. I'm looking at it specifically for meatballs right now.

Typically, meatballs are pan seared in oil and finished with a braise in sauce, or simply just baked. Often times, the pan sear and braise leads to an overcooked meatball that has melded with the sauce completely.

I'm wondering if I might have luck around 250 baking the meatballs on a cooling rack set into a sheet pan, then searing/frying in hot oil or flashing under a broiler to get my crust.

Has anyone used the reverse sear successfully for meatballs? Would you recommend it?

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