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Return trip to Paris but this time with constraints :(

indiefoodie | Apr 5, 201907:00 PM     4

Hello, a few years ago, the wonderful folks on this board had helped me and my friend plan and eat our way through Paris - https://www.chowhound.com/post/paris-.... We had an incredible time and I'd be thankful to everyone who helped for ever :)

The good news - I'm coming back! The bad news - this is not a food focused trip and out of the 5 people in my group, there are 3 vegetarians (they do no eat meat, poultry or fish but dairy is fine) and the other 2 eat everything. Unfortunately, I did not have nearly as much time as I did last time to plan my trip (we fly in next week) so apologies in advance for my rather vague request.

Places that I found that accommodate vegetarians:
- Miznon
- Bob's Juice Bar (it seems like this does not serve any meat so it'll be at the bottom of our list)
- North African food (couscous, tagines, etc.) seem to have vegetarian options. Chez Omar, Zerda Café, something else
- Some breakfast/brunch options with eggs, pancake, waffle like things would work, esp. if they have great baked goods - croissants, bread baskets, etc. Not sure if I should just pick some randomly or if there are ones that are considered to be good.

Most of the folks in the group live in India so if possible, we'd like to avoid that but I understand if the vegetarian requirement forces us to have a meal or two at an Indian place.

I don't think this group would be up for long, expensive, tasting menus. I would guess lunches less then $50 and dinners less then $75 pp without wine. If needed, this can be pushed a bit.

During my past trip, we tried a whole bunch of bakeries and pastry shops and I really liked Maison Landemaine, Du Pain et des Ideas, Boulangerie Patisserie l' Essentiel, 134 r.d.t Boulangerie-Pâtisserie, tarte citron@Pain de Sucre, L’éclair de Génie, macaroons@Maison Georges LARNICOL, Patrick Roger & Michel Chaudun. Are these still the places to go to? Any new places that might have opened up since 2015 that I should try to check out?

- We arrive late afternoon and are staying 2nd arrondissement.
- We have timed tickets to The Louvre for 6 PM so I was hoping to find some place for rather late lunch - sandwiches, pizza, anything at this point I guess. Something close to The Louvre would be ideal. I tried looking at old threads and other websites but a lot of the restaurants close between lunch and dinner so not sure what our options are. I do want to try the hot chocolate & the mont-blanc at Angelina if I can manage it.

- Lunch: I was thinking BREIZH Café Montorgueil (thinking of going to Sainte-Chapelle + Notre Dame after that)
- Dinner TDB (After dinner, we need to be at Île de la Cité)

- Lunch: Would 'Marché Bastille' have stuff for vegetarians?
- Dinner: TBD (Thinking of walking around in the Champs-Elysees area)

We then fly out to visit some other places and come back on a Thursday:

- Lunch: TBD
- Dinner: (Trying to get something near Eiffel Tower)

- Lunch: (Traveling to Palace of Versailles so I'll try to get something there)
- Dinner: TBD

- Lunch: Maybe Miznon
- Dinner: TBD (Thinking a walk along Canal St. Martin, followed by dinner in the area.)

I'd appreciate any help with the above and once again, sorry for the shoddy research this time. I'll definitely come back for another food oriented trip in some time :) Thank you!

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