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Result of a Trio of Won-Ton Noodle Tasting in HK - The Good,The Bad and The Wunderbar!!

Charles Yu | Mar 8, 201303:30 AM

When I first posted the thread http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/399024
on this board years ago, the following establishments were not included:
- Bamboo Room - Not yet open
- Mak Siu Kee, Tin Hau - Too far from my Kowloon resident
- Wing Wah - Not in my radar screen since never a fan of bamboo noodles

Today, in order to complete more of my 'best of the best' won-ton noodle list, I travelled all the way across the harbour to give the above three captioned places a try.

First off, Mak Siu Kee in Tin Hau.
This is the flag ship store of the Happy Valley branch which I tried out two years ago. Owned by one of the descendent of the authentic Canton style won-ton noodle founder - Master Mak, this establishment claimed to follow the master's original recipe to the dot!
( By that, the noodle should be the 'Silver thread alkaline water fine noodle style'. Won-ton morsels should be all prawns with just a touch of pork to augment the taste and texture. Lastly, the broth must use toasted dried flounder (tiled fish) and shrimp eggs in its preparation. To finish off the product, noodle has to be tossed with lard and soup sprinkled with yellowing chives and more shrimp eggs)
Here, the noodles, unlike Mak Man Kee's overly thick strands, were super fine, al dante and chewy. Near Perfection! Won-ton morsels were all intact and of the correct sizing. Prawn filling was nicely seasoned with a hint of white pepper. Sweet and crunchy, these were another near perfect product. Unfortunately, the broth was a bit on the mild and bland side lacking the aroma of the Tiled fish. Sadly, aroma of lard was also missing. Still, it was way better than Mak Man Kee mediocre offering.

Second destination was Bamboo Room in Causeway Bay.
Wow!! What a find!! The bowl of noodle I ordered finally made me yelled out a 'silent' wow!! Arriving at the table with enticing aroma of lard and toasted Tiled fish, this bowl of IMHO, 'world's best comfort food' made my taking the special trip across the harbour worth while! Definitely amongst the top three on my favorite list. BTW, the addition of a minute quantity of mince dried Tile fish in the prawn filling really kicked the Won-Ton up a notch! A very nice touch!

Lastly, the iconic and often raved about 'Wing Wah' in Wan Chai.
Bound to bring the wrath of fellow chowhounders on me, still, I need to voice my disappointment and discontent on this ' probably one of the worse won-ton noodles I have eaten in HK!! Everything was unappealing, especially the pork dominant won-ton. The little quanitity of shrimp accompaniment was pathetically overcooked! Soup was one-dimensionally boring. Noodles were tough and difficult to chew and separate.
Leaving the bowl mostly untouched, I got up, payed my bill and left wondering what the wait staff were thinking when they saw the untouched remains?!

So, to answer some of your querries. To date, my top three, in no particular order, are Tasty's, Mak An Kee and Bamboo Room.

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