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Resto etiquette - splitting plates

meemster | Apr 9, 200809:03 AM

Hi, all,
My husband, 7-year-old daughter, and I will be coming to Europe for the first time this summer and spending a week in Paris in late June. I'm, of course, in a bit of sticker shock over restaurant prices b/c of the weak dollar.

I'm trying to research ways to eat out without having to get my daughter a whole meal, but I don't want to do something really gauche. Is it ok to ask for an extra plate for her so she can have parts of mine and my husband's meal or to ask to have dishes split? She is a good eater and likes many things, but of course, just can't eat as much as an adult. She loves to sample whatever I or her dad are eating. I think another alternative would be to get her just an appetizer instead of main dish.

Any other suggestions for reducing our costs with her without looking like boors? (Starving her probably not a good idea :-).) We'll be doing the usual picnic things, but I'd like to eat out a few times.


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