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Restaurants with no vegetarian options


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Restaurants with no vegetarian options

Cathy Elton | Oct 25, 2002 12:49 PM

OK, this is my pet peeve. Why are there so many restaurants that can't even make the effort to have ONE vegetarian entree? Take Peasant, for instance. I ate there last night and the only thing my vegetarian boyfriend could eat was a little pizza (and not a great one.) At Al di La in Brooklyn, he can eat the appetizer of beet ravioli - but that's not a meal.

A lot of places seem to think a vegetarian should be happy with making a meal of vegetable side dishes. That's just kind of a drag.

Most of all, this seems like a really bad thing from a business perspective - there are so many vegetarians these days, isn't it in a restaurant's best interest to come up with something good for them?

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