Site Feedback 2

Restaurants, Linking, and Changes That Are Going Live Today

mudaba | Mar 21, 2012 12:55 PM

Hello everyone,

Wanted to bring everyone up to date on changes that are going to be released later today on our site, and then again on Friday.

Today we are removing the restaurant database from the site, which means all restaurant pages are going to disappear. You are also going to notice that links in posts are going to disappear today but DO NOT BE ALARMED. They are coming back on Friday. We need to remove everything today, and then re-release the address information that the links used to provide, which will return and will remain in all posts, on Friday. I repeat, today links are removed from posts, but on Friday you will see those addresses return into the posts, hard-coded (you won't be able to click them).

Are there questions about this? I'll do what I can to keep everyone apprised.


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