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Restaurants with Gluten-Free Menus (or just allergy friendly)

sallybranwyn | Aug 13, 200909:51 AM     13

There was a thread on this back from 2007, but it seemed silly to add a reply on there! So I'm starting a new one and hoping that this topic hasn't been beaten to death.

I'm ultra sensitive and will feel (basically) like I have a medium-intensity hangover for a WEEK if I eat any gluten, even if it's just a speck or something GF fried in the same oil gluten-y foods are fried in. So...that said, here are the options I've come across and NOT been contaminated:

1) Nebo (by TD Banknorth)...gorgeous pizzas and pastas that are GF, along with some amazing mango panna cotta. The owner is very, very friendly about gluten allergies and actually made our table an eggplant parmesan-like dish for free.

2) Legals Seafoods...we all know they have a GF menu, but I've eaten at several locations and have never been even remotely ill afterwards, so two thumbs up. Also great customer service at all locations.

3) Burton's Grill...have been to the Fenway location 3 times and loved it every time. Tasty, tasty fresh-tasting fried calamari (they have a dedicated GF fryer), yummy fried risotto balls (drool), and a plain old burger on a mediocre bun (just needed to be toasted so it wouldn't fall apart). Also...Redbridge

4) The Fireplace (Brookline)...went once and it was delightful. Had the lamb with roasted potatoes and green beans or asparagus.

5) Veggie Planet...Nothing too special here, but nice to have an option over in Harvard Square and it's on the cheap side (nice!)...had some brown rice with veggies, tomatoes, and cheese

6) Chipotle...oddly enough they were some of the best in terms of customer service. The guy scrubbed his hands like he was about to go into an operating room, got clean gloves, and then pointed out every single thing on the line that was GF. He topped it off by giving me a free drink and a free taco. Pity food. LOVE it!

Just drinks (GF beer available):

1) Washington Square Tavern (LOVE)...they carry Redbridge and I've been told they could easily create a GF dish, but have never tried the food. It smells delicious!

2) Parish Cafe...On Boylston by the shopping, so great location. They have Bard's Tale, I believe and it's not bad. I wouldn't try eating here, personally...they're known for their sammies (bread = no good. :) )

3) Grendel's Den...Harvard Sq. They carry Original Sin cider on tap. Two thumbs way up for that!

4) Publick House...surprisingly Publick House has actually given in and offers several GF drink options: Green's Discovery and Green's Quest. There are also several tasty ciders...

Places I will avoid unless I'm wasting away and can't get somewhere safer:

1) P.F. Changs...I have two opinions on this. It's possible that I was not actually glutened here, but that my body is just not used to handling 1600 calories in a single sitting (chicken and rice, seriously?). That said, I've felt very ill afterwards for several days after 3 separate visits. I do applaud their effort and they have some super nice bartenders.

2) Uno's...wilted brown iceberg lettuce salad? check. Gluten...somehow got in there. I hear they have GF pizza, but no one seems to like it. Again...A for effort.

Where else do I need to try?

B*Good is on my radar, as is Fresh City.

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