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Why do restaurants fail?


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Why do restaurants fail?

Dagney | Nov 26, 2013 12:13 PM

Restaurants in my city seem to come and go with the seasons, chefs change around like they are on a Merry-Go-Round, and the service here is considered lackluster in places where it should shine. I have seen well placed, visible rooms dissolve quickly and they chalk it up to the economy or the clientele; though my personal experience with some of these places is the overall experience they deliver is mediocre. I have also seen out of way rooms absolutely flourish, coincidentally, their product is tighter and more polished.

I think some restauranteurs suffer from a lack of clear vision. Maybe they want to open a white table cloth room, but they also provide loud music and allow loud customers to create an overwrought mess of a dining experience for the table cloth crowd. Then, when they go out of business, the owners blame everything, from the economy to the weather, but fail to take a hard look at their business strategy.

OR, same scenario, white table cloth room, the owners hire inexperienced staff, throw them on the floor without training in basic service rules or menu knowledge, so the staff delivers a mediocre show, and again, the room fails.

I worked in restaurants for 10 years. I saw rooms fail for such dumb reasons, DUMB reasons! Hello, owners, when you come in with 10 of your friends, 30 minutes before closing, stay for 3 hours ordering drinks and food, all of which is comped, your bottom line WILL fail. I also saw rooms grow vibrant because the owners had such a clear and precise vision of the experience they produced. A fine dining room was a fine dining room. Men were not allowed to send single female diners drinks with sexual names. The staff did not rally around for annoying birthday songs. Ladies and Gentlemen were not to referred to as "hey guys."

What is your opinion? Why do restaurants fail in your city? Why do restaurants succeed in your city?


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