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lisagee | Jan 26, 202005:13 PM     3

Hi All. We are five who love to dine out. 20, 30 and 50 something’s in Paris for 8 days. We will be staying by Luxembourg gardens.

We are looking for chefs who are doing interesting and delicious things more than we are looking for white tablecloths and the same ten restaurants on everyone’s list. More bib gourmand than Michelin. Small plates and tapas are fun. Hidden gems are the holy grail . We find lunch, with wine of course, is often the better deal. We are adventurous eaters though the classics well done are always appreciated. Looking for
a mix of price ranges.

Two years ago our favorite restaurants were a tiny tapas place next to Septime whose name escapes me, a yakitori place, Rigamarole, with a fabulous sommelier, a then fairly new place recommended here as a hidden gem, Montee, which has since received well deserved recognition.

All advice appreciated

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