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"Restaurants" Database To Be Eliminated

Melanie Wong | Jan 9, 201212:26 PM

Subsumed under the topic title, "Change in the site header", http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/827384 , "jane" includes the news that Restaurant pages will be going away. While I have no recollection of major issues with the navigation header, there have been many discussions on this board of the Restaurant database. I wanted to re-post the info here in a separate topic where those who have paid attention to the iimplementation and use of Restaurant pages might see it.

"... It's the first step toward removing the restaurant pages altogether. This may be alarming to some who have used those pages to post restaurant reviews, tips, and reference data. But please don't worry: the pages themselves will still be around for a while, and any reviews that you posted will be available to you for quite some time. We'll have more information on that soon.

Why the change? We originally offered restaurant information in order to make the Chowhound boards more useful. We thought we'd forestall the slightly annoying need to continually reply to a post with the question, "Where is this place you're talking about?" However, those good intentions have not been well served. We have heard that our restaurant listings have not been particularly helpful to most people most of the time, and they've slowed down the performance of the site. So we're beginning the process to eliminate those pages. More on that as the project commences. You will be well forewarned before any of this takes place..."

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