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Restaurants closing early when business is slow


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Restaurants closing early when business is slow

givemecarbs | Oct 21, 2008 10:02 PM

I wanted some thai food to go tonight and had a good restaurant in mind. My class got out early and I arrived at the place at twenty two minutes before nine to order some take out on the way home. They closed at nine so I figured no problem. Well the door was locked and the employees unlocked it to leave as I was standing there puzzled. They told me that they had had no customers in a long time so they were closing early. I shrugged and drove two minutes down the road to another thai restaurant that I don't usually go to hoping I could score some food. Well I was in luck, they were open til nine thirty and had one table eating and another couple just entering to eat in. So I got my thai and I'm happy, I feel really lucky to have so many choices here in Bluebell, Pa. It's no biggie but I was wondering what other people thought of this. I've worked in restaurants when it's been slow and it is very frustrating to wait around all night and then have people come close to closing. I feel their pain. And loss of profits. But on the other hand, they are somewhat punishing the customers they do have. Next time I will probably drive right past the first place and not bother to see if they felt like staying open. The problem is that I like Pho Thai Nam, the people are really nice and I hope they stay in business. But Thai Orchid came through for me. I was wondering what chowhounds think? Especially former or present owners of small businesses. I mean five of nine is one thing but twenty two of? And the way the place was all closed I'm pretty sure if I had come ten minutes earlier I still might have been turned away. Am I being silly to feel slightly annoyed and also concerned for them?

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