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Restaurants & Bars pages not indexed in Google?


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Restaurants & Bars pages not indexed in Google?

Melanie Wong | Aug 18, 2011 10:22 AM

Been meaning to post my observation and great concern that Restaurants pages have slipped dramatically in Google search results. They used to be reliably in the top 5 or so results. Then they moved further down the page buried below minor sites, such as

for pages that have no more content than the map, address, phone, and cuisine type shown on a Chow Restaurant page.

Then looking today for a few restaurants, Chow's R&B pages seem to have disappeared from Google. Even when I specify, my samples are not coming up in the first few of pages (I didn't scroll further). The pages I tried to find via google are:

If I add inurl: restaurants to the search terms, the pages will show up if there has been a "review". Since much of the "meat" on these pages comes from linked discussions and not from entries in the quick review section, not very many pages can be found via google. This must be affecting site page views adversely.

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